Friday, February 16, 2018

Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan (2017)

- Train to Sapporo
Departs from New Chitose Airport

- Minami(South) Chitose Station

- an Izakaya (Japanese pup)
i can not remember where it was

- Daruma Chinggis Khan Lamb

- Shiny Signs and a Vending machine

- whole city was covered in snow

- a small air plane which took us to Hakodate

- trams of a variety of colors
every line has different colors and some has drawings on it

- an Old Korean Bus
a manhole cover has squids on it since squids are a specialty of Hakodate

- a view from a cable car heading to the top of Hakodate mountain

- a view from a cable car heading to the top of Hakodate mountain

- a night view from the top of Hakodate mountain

- some hanhole cover has star-shape on it
a symbol Goryokaku park 

- a small Izakaya street in Hakodate

- skewers and the owner of a Izakaya making skewers

- a part of Goryokaku Park

- Sapporo beer museum behind a Huge Christmas tree

- another Huge Christmas tree in Sapporo beer museum

- sushi packs in a department store

- those are so reasonable and high quality

- Otaru orgel store

- a Street in Otaru

- an antique store in Otaru

- an old woman sitting on a bench with snow

- look how fresh and delicous

- Sapporo limited edition Coke

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