Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Korean Double Consonant Letters (쌍자음)

The Names

There are 5 double consonant letters(쌍자음, ssangjaeum). These are 쌍자음 of 한글. The pronunciation & the names are under each letters.
* The pronunciation & the names of double consonant letters
The Pronunciation

The pronunciation is stronger than basic consonant letters. 쌍(ssang) is added in front of the names of basic consonant letters. '쌍' means 'double'. Look at the table below and compare to English pronunciation.

When 쌍자음 are used for 초성, pronounce stronger than basic consonant letters. 'ㄲ', 'ㄸ', 'ㅃ' are pronounced as 'k', 't', 'p' behind 's'. Only 'ㄲ', 'ㅆ' are used for 종성 and pronunciation is same as 'ㄱ', 'ㅅ'. 'ㄸ', 'ㅃ', 'ㅉ' are never used for 종성.

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