Monday, January 5, 2015

Korean Basic Consonant Letters (자음)

The Names

The name of each 자음 were made by a rule. The [□ieu□] rule.
In the box, each pronunciation is put. That is the names of each letters. It means, once you memorize the name of each letters, you can pronounce every consonant letters.
* [□ieu□] rule 
But there is exception for only 3 letters; ㄱ, ㄷ, and ㅅ. Those letters had followed the rule, but because of pronunciation, the names were modified to pronounce easier. So, just memorize.
* The names of basic consonant letters 
The Pronunciation

These are basic consonant letters(자음, jaeum) of 한글. The pronunciation is under each letters.
* The pronunciation of basic consonant letters
As I wrote in previous post, since 자음 can be used for both 초성 & 종성. Actual pronunciation when it is used for 초성 & 종성 is little bit different. It sounds difficult but not that difficult. Look at the table below and compare to English pronunciation.

Some of English pronunciation, such as 'f', 'v', 'z' is not exist in Korean pronunciation. When 'ㅇ(ieung)' is used for 초성, it is not pronounced. We pronounce only 중성&종성.

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