Sunday, January 3, 2016

Melbourne, Australia (2014)

- Melbourne, the city full of wit

- Melbourne City Sightseeing Bus

- A monkey on the rope, Melbourne Zoo

- YARRA River with clouds

- The lower part of EUREKA TOWER
The highest floor is 88 where has observatory

- Night view of Melbourne, taken from Eureka Tower

- Tram N.o. 35, it is free for travelers
But no one check whether those are traveler or not

- Melbourne Museum

- Kangaroo & Emu, Melbourne Museum
Emu can't walk backward, always walk forward.
That is why there is Emu with Kangaroo.

- The skeleton of dinosaur, Melbourne Museum

- Cafe Street, Centre Place

- in the middle of the street, a trio band were playing their music

- The street was crowded with people drinking coffee and chatting

- A solo with a ukulele

- A girl on the street

- A smiling graffiti artist, Hosier Lane

- Lots of graffiti mingle with others, Hosier Lane

- Flinders Street Railway Station

- Here and there, many pianos are waiting to be played.

- Every weekends, many artists perform on the streets.

- The bare-feet vocalist of a trio band. 

- A excursion ship cruising on Yarra River 

- A rowing team practicing on Yarra River

- Melbourne is full of arts and wit.
Even cars on streets, fire hydrants were covered with arts.

- Side walk, near Queen's Market

Sydney, Australia (2014)

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