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National Hangeul Museum in KOREA (국립한글박물관)

This is the first post related with TRAVEL in Korea.
As I teach you Korean language on this blog, I decided to go to National Hangeul Museum.

How To Get The National Hangeul Museum

Under the ground of Seoul, there are well made subway lines. So the easiest way to get the museum is using a subway. National Hangeul Museum is connected with ICHON(이촌) station which is transferable with the line No. 4 and Jung-ang Line. The another name of ICHON(이촌) station is National Museum of Korea since National Museum of Korea is also connected with ICHON(이촌) station before Hangeul Museum was built.

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* Ichon station
To get to the museum, you should find the exit No. 2. Then, you can easily find the shortcut to the museum next to the exit No.2.
* Exit No.2 of Ichon station
During going through the shortcut, you can walk or ride moving-walks. On the both side of the wall, they decorated with lights, it was kind of beautiful for me.
* Way to the National Hangeul Museum
The end of the shortcut, on the right side of the wall, there is a map of museum park. It says that you can find National Museum of Korea on your left side, Hangeul Museum on your right side.
* The map of the museum park
Once you get out of under the ground, there is a sign leads you to Hangeul Museum. The museum is 5 minutes far from here by walk. During walking to the museum, on your left side, there is a pond and National Museum of Korea.
* Outside of the station
Finally, we are here, National Hangeul Museum. The history of Hangeul museum is not that long, it opens on 9th, October, 2014, Hangeul-nal(the day of Hangeul).
* National Hangeul Museum
In front of the museum, there are information boards and escalator heading to the 2nd floor where The permanent exhibition is always open.
* Information boards of the museum
If you have a bag(or bags), you can use locker for free.
* Free locker
What's In The Museum

The Permanent exhibition is always open on the 2nd floor. It divided into 3 parts.
Part 1, The Creation of Hangeul.
In here, we can see how, when, why Hangeul was made and who made Hangeul.
In advance to see those things, they show us what we used before Hangeul was made. (Right before when Hangeul was made, We used Chinese letters)
* The creation of Hangeul
Hangeul was made in 1443 by King Sejong. Before Hnageul was made, Korean people used Chinese letters, and it was so difficult to learn for citizens. Since that,
only noble could write their thoughts. That's the reason why King Sejong wanted to make Korean Alphabet, Hangeul. He Wanted to know citizens' Thoughts.
* King SeJong the great
Part 2, Easily Learned and Conveniently Used.
In here, we can see how the citizens learned Hangeul and how they used Hangeul in their daily life. They started to teach and learn Hangeul in school. By the time they were able to read and write, they began to put Hangeul into the fields of religion, art and daily life.
* Easily Learned and Conveniently Used
Part 3, Globalization of Hangeul.
In here, we can see the history from 18th century until now. From 1894, Hangeul has been the national script of Korea. But 1910, Japanese invaded in Korea and they prohibited using Hangeul. Part 3 shows us the struggles of citizens against the prohibition, and the effort to spread in overseas.
Globalization of Hangeul
On the 2nd floor, other than the exhibition, there is a cafe and a gift shop where sells product made with Hangeul.
* The gift shop on 2nd floor
On the 3rd Floor, there is a special exhibition, Children's Museum and Hangeul Learning Center.
Until 1st, March, 2015, a special exhibition about King Sejong and artworks by artists of nowadays will be last.
* special exhibition
In Hangeul Learning Center, you can Learn how to read and ws1600, see and listen pronunciation.
Hangeul Learning Center
More Information

If you are interested in Hangeul, I recommend you to come to National Hangeul Museum. The museum is so educational and fus1600o get more information, here is the link to the website of Hangeul Museum. Please visit.

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