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Seoul Metropolitan Subway (Seoul Metro System, 수도권 전철)

There are many lines of subway in Seoul. Seoul Metropolitan Subway runs partially on the ground, and partially under the ground. Anyway, there are 27 long and short lines. The length of the shortest one is about 10㎞ and the longest one is about 200㎞. In addition, some subway stations are connected with train station. So you can easily transfer to train.
* the map of Seoul Metropolitan Subway (click to see original size)

Tickets And Cards

In advance to take a subway, you should buy a ticket or a prepaid transportation card.

the Subway Ticket (the Single Journey Ticket)

There are ticket vending machines in every subway stations. You can buy a ticket after choosing the destination and put fare include ₩500 as deposit.

* the Ticket Vending Machine
You can change the operating language if you want.

* You can change the operating language
This yellow color plastic card is the ticket that is used only for a single journey. It is used for only one time. By using this card, you can take the most of lines but some specific lines like Arex, the yellow striped blue line.

* the Single Journey Ticket
the Prepaid Transportation Card

If buying the ticket bothers you, you can buy and use a prepaid transportation card which is sold in convenient store. There are various designed cards. Once you buy the prepaid transportation card, you can take transportation in Seoul such as subway, buses and even taxi. Plus, you can even transfer to buses from subway paying only little money.

* various designs of prepaid transportation cards
the Rail Plus Card

Plus, you can buy the rail plus card. Since there are many kinds of prepaid transportation cards in Korea and some cards can not be used in some cities, Korean Railroad Corporation issues the rail plus card. It can be used in any cities, for even train.

* the Rail Plus Cards
The Gates

Technically there are three types of gates: the old version gate, the new version gate and the transfer gate. Every gates have a spot that is tagged with the cards or the tickets.

the Old Version Gate

It is used to accept paper magnetic tickets. By the time we started using plastic cards, it was modified to accept plastic cards. And now, it only accept plastic cards.

* the old version gate in the line No.4
the New Version Gate

It is originally accept only plastic cards and there is no steel pipe in it. It just flip the plastic boards when you try to get in without tagging a right card.

* the new version gates in the line No.9
the Transfer Gate

Some lines have the transfer gates and it requires tagging a ticket or card to transfer. As i said, you can not transfer some specific lines with the ticket. You should buy a ticket for those lines or use a prepaid transportation card to take those lines.

To Get the Deposit Back

Once you have ticket and arrived at the destination, you should put the card in the machine to get the deposit of ₩500 back. The deposit return machines are usually next to the ticket vending machines.

* the deposit return machine
the Sales Men In the Subway

While you are going to your destination, you can see some salesmen(or saleswomen) selling some good and cheep stuff.

the Subway Tickets In Other Cities

Depends on the city you are in, subway tickets are different. If you were in Pusan, you would buy a coin-shaped ticket.

to Use More Easily Subway System in Korea

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