Saturday, March 19, 2016

Jeju Island, Korea (2013)

- Yellow Rape Flowers
In spring season, Jeju Island is fully covered with beautiful yellow Rape Flowers.

- the White Light House in a Horse Shape
Jeju Island, the Island of Horses. even the light house is in a horse shape

- the Red Light House in a Horse Shape

- the Red Flowers with no name

 - Children and a horse
There is a racecourse, you can see and feed horses.

- Deo-Reock Branch school
A colorful painted school appeared in a commercial film of Galaxy Note

- Deo-Reock Branch school
This school was painted by Jean Philippe Lenclos

- Bi-Yang Island, Emerald Sea, Black beach
Juju Island was made by the eruption
So some beaches in the island is black because of basalt

- Sunset

- Green Barley and a Huge Wind Turbine
Strong wind are blown every time, it can rotate many wind turbines

- Green Barley
Ga-Pa Island, one of the famous island around Jeju Island,
is covered with green barley in spring season

- The Southern Point of Korea
Ma-Ra Island, There is a carved stone that announces the southern point of Korea

- Ole Routes
The routes good for walking with nature, and the signs saying the start and the end

- the Gallary of Kim Young Gap
There was a photographer who had taken photos of Jeju in his whole life

- Small Statues

- a Sun Rise From Seong-San Rising Peak

- a Sun Rise From Seong-San Rising Peak

- the Guest House
Many travelers, many nice guest houses, many stories

- Yellow Rape Flowers and a Hill

- the Old Couple
You are gonna be moved, regardless your age

Seafood Pa-Jeon(Korean style Pancake)
Combination of spring onions and seafood, literally amazing

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