Friday, April 1, 2016

Singapore & Hong Kong (2016)

- Incheon International Airport
The plane which bring me to the destination safely (Cathay Pacific Air Lines)

- Inside of the Plane Heading to Hong Kong
I had to stop-over in Hong Kong to get to Singapore

- Hong Kong International Airport
The ceiling of the boarding terminal was designed geometrically

- MRT Tickets of Singapore
You should buy a MRT ticket (or EZ Link) to take a subway in Singapore

- Inside of the MRT in Singapore
Many people love to take MRT in Singapore

- Inside of the Building Near China Town
The building I visited to have lunch, a staff of guest house let me know

- The Sky and The Building
I do not know what the building built for, but its color matches well with the blue sky

- The Buildings on the Street
In front and on the both side of the street, the buildings are arranged by time

- No Durian
Durian is prohibited every where

- The Hawker Center near China Town
The Hawker Center I visited to try various local foods

- The Hawker Center
Even foreign people love the Hawker Center and its foods

- The Taste of Local
Hainanese chicken fried rice and the food I can not remember the name which local love to eat

- Tea Taric
A sort of milk tea been poured from above the head, so there are bubbles

- The other Hawker Center
The Hawker Center where my local friend brought me to
Many families visit here for weekend eat-out

- The night view of Gardens by the Bay (Super Trees)
Every night, for free, you can enjoy the night light show

- Marina Bay Sands Hotel
Marina Bay Sands Hotel from Gardens by the Bay

- The Entrance of Gardens by the Bay

- Tiger Beer
The beer that be made only in Singapore, those are lemon and mandarin flavor

- Architecture
The building reminds me of organ

- Clark Quay
The place as known as the heart of night life
There was so calm and quiet in the day time

- The Under Path in Clark Quay
A Musician playing guitar in the place full of graffiti

- The Old Car
I can not remember where it was, there was an old car in front of the hotel

- The Silver Sphere
The sphere that looks like it reflect whole world

- The Pepper Crab
Enormous crab with massive claws, covered with pepper sauce

- The Chili Crab
Fried bread is well matched with the Chili Sauce

- Merlion Park
The must visit in Singapore, many people take picture with Merlion statue

- Marina Bay Sands Hotel and the Merlion

- The Infinite Pool
The pool located on the roof top of the hotel
Almost every visitor takes picture like that

- The Night View of Marina Bay
The place where many lights and cruise ships are beautifully reflected on the surface

- The Infinite Pool at Night

- The Infinite Pool at Night2

- No Durian2
It started making me wonder, where can I bring a Durian?

- Roti Prata
Indian dish in Singapore, the Hawker Center in Little India

- KaYa Toast
The thing you have to eat when you are in Singapore
Kaya, butter, half boiled eggs are pretty go well

- Again, Inside of the Plane Heading to Hong Kong

- Night Street in Hong Kong
I decided to walk on the night street in Hong Kong

- Night Street in Hong Kong2
So calm, So quiet, So peaceful

- Night Street in Hong Kong3
It was as silence as I hoped seeing any person on the street

- Night Street in Hong Kong4
Even after midnight, many buses are on the road

- Flight Tickets
Stop-over in Hong Kong before Singapore, stop-over in Hong Kong before S. Korea

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