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Sentence-final endings ~네요

Typical sentence-final endings are speech level endings, such as the deferential, polite, intimate, and plain endings. However, sentence-final endings also include various sentence-final suffixes, such as 지, 군, and 네. These suffixes, combined with 요 “the politeness marker” can serve as sentence final endings that convey the speaker’s various psychological states or attitudes. This unit introduces three sentence-final endings, ~지요, ~군요, and ~네요.

The sentence-final ending ~네요

The one-form sentence-final ending ~네요 is used to indicate the speaker’s spontaneous and immediate reaction, such as unexpected surprise and/or realization. The ending ~네요 is used only for the declarative statement sentence type, and it may be translated as “Oh, I see/realize that . . .” Consider the following two examples:

Notice that the first sentence simply conveys the message in a straightforward manner. On the other hand, the second sentence with the ending ~네요 indicates the speaker’s spontaneous emotive reaction. It denotes that the information which the speaker hears or observes is unanticipated and/or contrary to what was expected. Here are more examples:


The suffix 겠 is a pre-final ending that comes between the stem of the predicate and the final-ending. The suffix 겠 denotes the speaker’s conjecture or inference about what did occur, what is occurring, and what will occur, based on circumstantial evidences.
~겠네요, the combination of the suffix 겠 and the ending ~네요, is used to indicate the speaker’s realization of what will happen in reaction to the surprised or unanticipated information the speaker just encountered. It is best translated in English as “(I guess . . . something) may/will . . . ” Consider the following examples:


~었/았겠네요, the combination of the past tense marker 었/았 and ~겠네요, is used to express the speaker’s surprise or realization about what must have occurred. It can be translated as “I guess that something must have . . . ,” as shown in the examples below:

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