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Baguio City, the Philippines (2013)

I have been in Baguio City, the Philippines to study English for 3 months, from OCT, 2013 to DEC, 2013. To me, who knows only tourism spot such as Manila and Cebu, Baguio City was so strange.

Baguio City is inland province where 6 hours far from Manila by Bus. It requires over 2 hours by bus to see the beach. The city is located on 1,500 meters (4,500 feet) high. Average temperature is 18 centigrade (64 fahrenheit). The weather of Baguio City is so nice and cool, so there are many foreign people.

The day I arrived in Baguio city, I saw banana tea and bought it. As soon as I got back, I realized it was not banana tea. It was banaba tea. Until now, I do not know what banaba is.

As I said, Baguio city is located on 1,500 meters (4,500 feet) high. So the city is surrounded by mountains and clouds. Clouds are as closed as I could touch, on the mountains many small houses were clinging. Those made a beautiful night view every day, with a nice sun-set and twinkling houses.

There are only few land marks in Baguio City. One of the famous is Burnham Park. It was made by architect Burnham. In the park, we can ride a bike and a small boat. There are various boats in the lake. Pink red boats, swan boats, the most impressed boat was Disney cartoon character shaped boats.

In front of main gate, there is a bust of Burnham. His name is Daniel Hudson Burnham, architect, died in Germany in 1912, at that time he was 62 year-old.

Majority of the people visiting the park is young couple and children. Some of the children play climbing trees.

From time to time, beautiful sceneries that might be captured were spread everywhere. Outside of the windows, there were sun-flowers and clouds, I could not even look other things, could not even stop smiling.

Any cloth store in Baguio City, any tourism spot in Baguio City, we can easily see the t-shirts that 'I ♥ BAGUIO' is printed on. Various colors and designs of T-shirts were sold everywhere. Like the sentence bellow, "SUMMER CAPITAL OF THE PHILIPPINES", the summer of Baguio City is not that hot and so pleasant.

Terminal in Baguio City. Many stores sell their specialties such as straw berry jam and unknown snacks. The spring is the season of straw berry, so the jam is so sweet.

On Session Road, one of the most crowded, there are many hotels, stores and restaurants. But one thing we have to focus on is people. Session Road is crowded with people including pocket-pickers. The day I took this picture, my friend had stolen cell-phone.

One day, I bought a cheep pair of shoes on Session Road. That was 300 Pesos, about 7 USD. By the time tried to wear it, I spot that there were 2 labels on the shoes. VANS and TOMS, the shoes were neither VANS nor TOMS.

San Fernando, the Philippines (2013)

Vigan, the Philippines (2013)

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